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My 50 sentences for 1sentence

Fandom: Real People - Avenged Sevenfold.
Pairing: M. Shadows / Synyster Gates.
Theme set: Gamma.
Rating: R. Not that graphic.
Dedication: Kia for making me think I can write [:

1 - Ring
Brian never thought he could feel so betrayed by a simple ring on her slim finger.

2 - Hero
"My hero," was the croaky mumble as he was so unceremoniously yanked up, cuffs cutting painfully at his already aching wrists, the terror melting away with a concerned glance of bitter hazel.

3 - Memory
The scent of aftershave was a trigger to his detached mind, eyes falling closed as he breathed in the scent, thoughts of past cascading.

4 - Box
Matt fell back over the sofa as the guitarist jumped from the box with a resounding 'BOO!' and a rather evil cackle.

5 - Run
Running, so fast, so hard, feet pounding, brain throbbing, heart slamming against ribs; but it wasn't enough, it would never be enough, because he could always run faster.

6 - Hurricane
A hurricane wasn't the destruction, it was the driving force that ripped up the roots and allowed airborne battle to commence.

7 - Wings
With a face like that he really should have had wings, Brian thought.

8 - Cold
Never had he experienced anything so cold as the look Matt threw him when he was walking down that aisle.

9 - Red
Brian couldn't help but smile as he slid the red-dipped brush down the corner of pierced lips, the finishing touch to the vampire garb that Matt had been so impossibly excited over.

10 - Drink
Drunk meant just one thing to Synyster Gates - a quick, not-quite-so-forgotten fuck against a grimy cubicle wall with his jeans around his ankles and beer-tainted breaths heating his nape.

11 - Midnight
It was magical moment where all bets were off and for just one minute, just one, the world wasn't the world and reality was fiction.

12 - Temptation
"You're the biggest temptation since motherfuckin' Jagermeister."

13 - View
The jaunty camera angle was awkward, not quite assisted by the consistent shaking, as though the recorder wasn't quite meant to be there, documenting the fall of water droplets over the rippling form of his very straight best friend.

14 - Music
It hurt to know that the one thing that brought them together was the one thing, the only thing, that would ever own his lover's heart.

15 - Silk
A curl of a silken scarf sliding so coolly over the heated, straining hardness of his erection, and all Brian could wonder was why the holy hell M-fuckin'-Shadows was in possession of such a feminine accessory.

16 - Cover
Despite his so blatantly straight facade, Matt could be quite the musical fag as he stood, inebriated on the karaoke stage and belting out a rather heartfelt rendition of RENT's I'll Cover You.

17 - Promise
A weary sigh, a hat removed, a hand through hair as Brian rolled his eyes in hesitant defeat, "I promise not to do it again..."

18 - Dream
People often said it was three words that made a difference, but that simple 'I dream of you' still reverberated through his brain, pounding at his ears, his blood, his heart as he stared at his retreating friend's broad shoulders, proving the old assumption quite wrong; but maybe the 'naked in my bed' at the end had something to do with it, too.

19 - Candle
Now whenever Brian saw a candle he couldn't help but think how much molten wax burnt against his chest, especially with a calloused hand around his cock and husky words fluttering into his ear.

20 - Talent
Wars of talent were never much stronger than the battle of vocals and riffs so dramatically displayed on stage.

21 - Silence
Nothing was required but smooth silence, simple understanding passing between the two men as they sat, eyes on the lake, a strong hand sliding towards a strong hand.

22 - Journey
"In the end you're the only person I wanna spend this whole life thing with... even if you do listen to Journey."

23 - Fire
Venomous words spat from wanton lips; rough shoves of strong shoulders; hazel eyes glaring fire at brown before a back was to a wall and a fist was curled in too-short hair.

24 - Strength
Matt's desire to display his strength was never ending, whether present in one-armed push-ups before a show or bringing his bulky guitarist to tears with a simple thrust of hips.

25 - Mask
Brian always wondered, as he stood in the doorway, watching his friend spray aftershave in the air to mask the scent of their afternoon's activities, why Matt couldn't just pick up the guts to tell Val that he was no longer a vegetarian, and really a bit of a carnivore, who would regularly meet up with his friends to sink his teeth into a juicy sausage.

26 - Ice
A palm to an ice cold cheek, a thumb to blue lips, a tear down a cheek as fingertips closed vacant eyes with a gentility displayed too late.

27 - Fall
The guitarist had felt quite safe in the other's company ever since he had fallen that day at Warped, only to have strong arms around him immediately, yanking him back to his feet, sending him off on his way with a pat of his ass.

28 - Forgotten
"I'd forgotten about you, again, but you keep fucking coming back to my house and my bed and my head, you shitwad!"

29 - Dance
Neither of them danced, they were far too manly for such things, even though such feelings ended up leaving them to their lonesome while the rest of the band did their thang, wherein masculinity went out of the window and they ended up moaning and giggling like the wanton whores they really were.

30 - Body
Brian only wanted him for his body, and Matt seemed quite happy with that - unsurprising considering such feelings were so carnally mutual.

31 - Sacred
"You're really... uh... sacred to me," was the drunken murmur, chocolate blurry as a muscled arm was slung over broad shoulders, “like... a cow..."

32 - Farewells
The inevitable tragedy of farewells at airports was made that much easier by both of Shads's strong hands in his back pockets, squeezing his ass in pouty goodbye.

33 - World
"You and me, Gates... against the world, right?"

34 - Formal
"You can do whatever you fucking want, as long as you remember that I'm the one with those fucked up photos of you from the Winter Formal," he threatened, sneaky smirk falling over his lips as chocolate brown narrowed.

35 - Fever
Body writhing, muscle rippling, sweat slicking heated, tattooed flesh as the damp sheets slipped far too low, the rest of the band always wondered why Matt had to make a quick exit to the bathroom whenever Brian was amid one of his feverish dreams.

36 - Laugh
A man in possession of a laugh more rich and melodious than any uttered lyric, more bone-shaking and soul destroying than any bullet through a heart.

37 - Lies
They had a relationship founded on total lies; but it was times like this, with his stomach muscles twitching with the last shocks of his orgasm, that pulse still steady and hot within him that fuck, he really couldn't care less.

38 - Forever
Palm to palm, long fingers laced to long fingers, blood melded with kind at the point of identical cuts as a single word was uttered, fading on colliding breaths and the burn of eyes.

39 - Overwhelmed
Everything about Brian was overwhelming, from the amount of alcohol he could drink to the way that exact same intoxication always managed to end up tainting Matt's own mouth.

40 - Whisper
Both men seemed to think that whispers were a sacred thing; that anything uttered in a tone so low could be nothing but a truth that would never be repeated and never be judged.

41 - Wait
he waiting room may have stung his nostrils with its antiseptic tainted air, but my, it was worth it for an all-over examination from Doctor Sanders...

42 - Talk
It got to the stage where they only had the opportunity to speak post-coitus, and even then, exhausted and sticky all they could do was watch as lazy patterns were traced, sigh as kisses were laid.

43 - Search
"WE'RE ON IN THREE FUCKING MINUTES!" was the roar that could shake foundations as a piercingly frustrated M Shadows began the search for his lost lead guitarist.

44 - Hope
Never lose hope was the mental chant as Brian stood, smiling and laughing, drink in hand, his heart dust at his feet as he discussed being best man to his lover and his pristine little bride.

45 - Eclipse
He was like a fucking eclipse - you always remember where you were, the exact time and spot and thought the first time you saw him; the first time he done away with all the light in your life.

46 - Gravity
Skilled fingers ripped away the last of those God-forsaken belts, finishing up with a pesky bastard of a button and a much hated zipper only to allow gravity to finish off the job as mouth crashed to mouth.

47 - Highway
A bus, a highway, dust and heat and a body slumped against his, sleeping off the last of a spectacular hangover, suffocating in the already unbearable heat but permitted because he was just... him.

49 - Lock
"Oh baby, be the key to my lock..." he purred, only to burst into a fit of helpless laughter at the look that fell over his vocalist's features in shocked and more than mildly disturbed response.

50 - Breathe
"When I'm with you I can't breathe, when I'm without you I can't breathe, so really, what is the god-damn point if ever since I met you I'm good as dead?"
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