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Secret Stories

Welcome to x_zeitgeist, the art journal of lovelickhump (me). Here lays all her (my)fanfiction, stories, icons, graphics, and other such drivvle of a suitably mediocre nature. Look below for updates and features, and visit her (my)personal journal for more info *cheesygrin*

Disclaimer: Wanna know the truth of it, huh? Wanna know the nitty gritty chunks of disgusting? I'm a liar, through and through, from my heads to my toes, from my ears to the tip of my wriggly pink tongue. I tell lies about beautiful people and pass them off as stories. I make you believe, scare you, shock you, make you hard or make you wet and then I giggle and take it away. You know why? Wanna know the ins and outs? The backwards and forwards? Because I like it. It'll be never be mine, though. No matter how much I let lashes hit cheeks, head hit pillow, fingers hit keys. They're all lies. But they're the best. You'll ever see from me, at least.

December 03, 2006: Archive complete :O

December 02, 2006: Secret stories are a special sort of story... a story so warped... so frightening... so damn right cracked up that it must be locked away forever. The only way you can see such disgustingness is by friending this journal, so get your ass into gear! By being a friend of x_zeitgeist you get access to a variety of secret goodies, such as my own personal music collection =D

December 01, 2006: New layout, dangit!
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